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Apr 022011
Another deserved result for both teams. Wigan were dangerous because Assou-Ekotto was put in N’Zogbia’s pocket the whole time, but we defended against it well.Spurs in the second half had 2/3 of the possession most of the time, but could finish the job in front of goal as usual. It’s either one or the other with Spurs these days.
Either we pepper the opposition’s goal with shots but get caught out defensively or we defend against attacks but can’t convert any of our attacks into goals. Yet we still end up with a possibility of reaching the top-four again if Manchester City fluff their lines tomorrow. We were without our wingers, which forced us to play more centrally. I liked it. It was a form of training to play using a different tactic rather than be over-reliant on wingers to provide crosses which almost never get converted at present.
It has to be one of the most ironic periods of football. To be honest, it makes us look like we should swap places with West Ham whose scoreline against United today didn’t do them justice following their efforts, but don’t tell any other Spurs fans that I said that……oops….
However, maybe 0-0 against Wigan was a good result IN A WAY. Real Madrid may look at this result and ask ‘who dee fak is Atletico Weegan’ and think we couldn’t hit a barn door (which we can’t in the Premier League, but can in the Champions League), leading them to get a bit too cocky ahead of Tuesday. Anyway, it’s up to Madrid what they want to think of us on Tuesday. So let’s now look forward to that.

People here are going to say ‘But we should be challenging more strongly to maintain a position in the top-four for next season’.

To that, I say – Can’t we just be happy for THIS season’s CL campaign at the moment??? No point systematically getting into it if we’re going to forget about it every time we’re in it. Makes no sense and is pointless to me.


  20 Responses to “Wigan v Spurs: One or the Other.”

  1. What the fuck are you on about…we haven’t won any of our last four games against bottom of the table teams, everything is going great.

  2. The one thing everyone knew at the begining of the season was that we needed a new strike force, did we get one? No.. did we get one in January? No!! Big mistake which we have suffered for will we suffer further

  3. We have now dropped 10 points from wigan and WHU games, thats shows you how poor we are up front. Today we had no pace in the team against another average bottom of the table side.
    Our form is shocking , they say we have a strong squad-===really!!!!!!
    Manager must take some blame, the team should have come out with pace and won by 2 or 3 goals.
    Now if man C get 3 points tomorrow what with our shocking goals tally they have to mess up 3 times.
    Very unlikely!!! god knows if we play like that what will happen in Madrid,
    We were shocking, what a sad finish to the season.

    • Couldn’t agree with u more stu!! Im afraid the chickens r coming home to roost after the joke that was our january transfer policy. We’ll b back to thursday nights on CH5 and may b stuck there for the forseeable future! As for redknapp i’ve never been a fan.

  4. 3 points from 12 against the bottom 4 clubs is a freaking joke, little positive to come out this other than it telling us that all of our strikers should be sold. problem is who can we attract after we fail to qualify for the CL this season? the window of opportunity to sign a world class striker was in Jan but we blew it, prob have the same four strikers we have next season as a result of that f.up.

  5. sorry three strikers, 3 lame arsed strikers

  6. My fellow Spurs fans. Let us rejoice in the fact that we right to demand a new striker or two. I mean it has now cost us at least 6 points in the last few games. Blackpool, West Ham were woeful for Defoe. Anyway what’s done is done. When I speak to my non-Spurs mates, they are sick of hearing of our striker troubles and come the end of the season won’t remember WHY we didn’t qualify, just that we didn’t. So onto to Madrid and let’s hope they give us something to cheer about. I don’t know, maybe a goal…?

  7. totally agree this season was a great opportunity to recruit a world class striker and move to the next level, now we’ll be back on channel 5 and itv4 on thursday nights, when you look at the table and think about the points we’ve dropped against the bottom sides we would be in a really great position in the league

  8. i do get a bit fed up of all the whinging ,fuck me do you expect all the teams in the relegation battle to lie down and let us walk all over them,this is tottenham and the season they are giving us is a fantastic roller coaster and i await every game with total excitement coys

    • Agreed, but the lack of a hot striker predictably cost us dearly with regard to goal-difference potentially deciding the top-four spot this season. We saw it coming, Harry didn’t.
      But apart from that, yeh everything’s hunky-dory.

    • If i read another spurs supporter talking about our CL “adventure” im gonna emigrate!!!! Do any of these so-called supporters realise how SMALL u make us sound! I 4 one do not want to have an “adventure” for a season n then fade back into mid-table so forgive my irritation at another 3 points going begging in what was our BIGGEST match this week! Our form against the lower embers of the PL has been a JOKE and quite frankly i dont really give a toss about the madrid game cos our league form is fading fast!!!

      • Ceegee, we’re not exactly the biggest club though are we. And making out like we have a divine right to be big and big immediately makes us sound stupid as well. I don’t want to be Manchester City or Chelsea thank you very much…thinking that we should expect to win everything every time.

        It makes us appreciate winning a little bit more than United and Chelsea may appreciate it.

        • Dave i dont think we have a divine right to win but at the same time i am ambitious for our club,aren’t you?? The supporters of chelski n United have high hopes n expectation year in year out n guess what they win trophies! So i think a little raised expectation is no bad thing for a club,im tired of mid-table mediocrity n the odd carling cup run!!

  9. no, but we should expect us to beat them, simple as that

  10. It is a great success that for a second consecutive game in the PL we didn’t conceded a goal. If we think that during the first round of the competition we were conceding a goal in almost every game I consider this is a great improvement. I don’t know if this is due to the better tactics we have adapted or because of the four defenders who have played today. But it is obvious that they are able to keep from scoring the strikers of the team we are facing. If we take into consideration that Wigan had won four games at home this season I think this isn’t a bad result for us. I believe that if we win 12-0 (also 13-1 would be sufficient) in MC (with better luck than today of course) we will become favourites to win fourth place.

  11. Redknap, says play well and your in the team, so why the harsh treatment of Nico, bringing him on in the last five minutes, and if he had scored again, then what , piss off again, talk about insult to injury. Just think if Fergie had our squad, definate title contenders. sorry I dont care what you may think, but this is not good enough, and the blame lies with Redknap, and his treatment of certain players.

    • We’ve been winning in spite of Harry for a long time. And all the pundits for whatever reason, b/c he’s english probably always talk like he’s some demigod and too many of my fellow spurs fans can’t see past the results and see that our PLAYERS, game after game makeup for Harry’s mistakes.

  12. if the champions league is so low on your radar why the fuck are you worried about finishing in a champions league spot.i’m sure your love of tottenham is much greater than mine as your so angry,where are you moving to?

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