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Nov 252010

Don’t worry I am not talking about falling into financial peril but going on a memorable Champions League run. On our day and at home we can beat anyone.

Before the demise of Leeds you might remember they managed to get to a semi final of the Champions League, could Spurs do the same, or even better! I believe we are more than capable, we might need a favourable draw in the next round but after that who knows?

We have taken to the Champions League like a duck to water, we have made some of Europe’s top teams look nothing more than average, we have even put in a couple of decent away displays. We threw away a 2 goal lead in Germany but it was our first game and I think a draw was a result I would have taken before the game.

We next have to go to Holland and get any kind of result against Twente to top the group, do that and anything is possible. Imagine that, Spurs finish top of a group that boasts the European champions.

So how well can we do, one thing is for certain, whatever happens from now, we have done ourselves proud and can hold our heads high.

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  15 Responses to “Will Spurs Do A Leeds”

  1. I expected us to qualify for the kncokout stage before and after our group was known, now lets hope for a decent draw and see how far we can get. Top of the group is important as it also means we play at the Lane in the second leg. Qtrs is the minimum for me, any beyond there would be amazing!

  2. ‘we have made some of europe’s top teams, look nothing more than average’???

    which top teams are they then? Inter Milan i’ll give you, but there now managed by a buffoon and struggling in the league, the others are middle of the road teams

  3. Crikey. I totally forgot that Leeds went to the semis. Nice provocative title by the way! However the Young Boys game suggests that we didn’t take to it like a duck to water. We very nearly didn’t get there. But yes, we have dealt with it well certainly. Not really thinking about how far we can go. We have already exceeded expectation and amything more is a bonus. The question is do we play strongest team and try and get top place – thus avoiding the likes of Barca & Real, or play a weakened team to rest players and save them for the league and next round? The added advantage is that Twente have nothing to play for apart from pride.

  4. TonyTott – Id probably go with a weaker side and concentrate on the league. As the last line of the article says, whichever way you look at it, we’ve done ourselves proud and proved a lot of doubters wrong. It’s now a knock out where anything can happen. We need to be consistent in the league and consolidate our position up the top and start moving on up. Its a bloody tough league this year and that should be priority number one from now on.

  5. I’m a Leeds fan and just want to wish you all the best of luck in the Champions League, there is no reason why you cannot do better than we did. The good thing about it is that Spurs are going about it the right way. They are sensible with their money and a lot of the players are a joy to watch. Above all teams I would love you to knock out the Scum (man utd), ye’re a great team to watch and I wish you all the best. Take care folks and enjoy the competition, whatever happens you’ve done yourself proud. Hopefully we can make it back to the premier league to play you again some time soon.


  6. Anthony, thanks man. And Leeds seem great too, i think they can really get to the primier league in two years time.

  7. Im a Leeds fans and watching Spurs in the CL really brings back some happy memories ! Like spurs we were written off from the start and to make matters worse got a football lesson in our first game but never looked back from there !
    It makes a nice change to see a team not go for the cautious approach and get their rewards – top of the group is in sight !
    As for what happened to leeds afterwards – I dont think anyone can screw up as much as that again – we got to the CL by playing youth and being adventurous – then we started splashing the cash and so on and so on !
    See you back at the lane again soon !

  8. Hey Anthony, Matt – it is all a nice swap. Back then when Leeds were in Europe, we were all supporting you and enjoyed your run in the competition. So thanks guys for returning the favour. It is much better this way than having the same boring 4 teams in the competition who breeze through to the semis. I remember watching you guys and doubting whether Spurs could ever do what Leeds did and cope well in the competition against some scary names.

  9. Nice to hear the thoughts of the Leeds fans. Hope to see you lot back in the Prem asap. Always a good atmosphere with your away support. Reckon Spurs will do well in the Champs League because the players are improving under Harry and showing no fear. One top striker and we would be scoring hand over fist with the chances we create and waste.

  10. Another Leeds fan joining the love in! Another post mentioned avoiding the likes the Real and Barca. To that I say No! they are the teams you want to play. Beating them (hopefully) will give you the best memories. You could play a so called easier team and get knocked out as anything can happen.

    Hope you do better than the other english clubs.

  11. Another Leeds fan here, enjoying watching what you lot are doing in Europe. Keep on playing the English way – get stuck into teams, and don’t give them time to think. That’s what we did in our CL season, and a lot of European teams don’t know how to cope with it. One of the areas where it started to go wrong for us was when O’Leary got ideas above his station and started trying to play “the European way” …..

    Don’t fall into that trap! (Although I think Harry’s too shrewd to do that ……)

  12. iin my opinion you can go all the way, i’ watched the game against inter and last night against bremen. very impressed with spurs. if you sort your away form out, you are my dark horses for the premier title. hope to be playing you within the next few seasons. good luck.

  13. What’s this sudden bromance formed between Leeds and Spurs.

    I say f*ck the norther monkeys there scum aswell

  14. I’m a tad concerned about all the over hype…..a couple of defeats and we’ll see the return of the doom merchants, I’m happy to enjoy this season as our first bite of the CL and see what happens……

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