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Sep 012010

The transfer window closed yesterday leaving most Spurs fans bewildered at the club’s lack of activity with many believing qualification for the group stages of the champions league was the signal to add to a squad strong enough to mount a campaign on a number of fronts.

Manager harry Redknapp went on record to say Spurs only really needed 3 players to set the team up for another successful season and went as far to state the PL title would not be beyond us. This was the stimulus of many a debate for fans trying to work out who the ‘triffic’ trio might be.

The first candidate appeared to be Joe Cole, all the noises coming from that camp seemed to be positive with Spurs looking like his preferred destination, that was until Roy Hodgson stepped in and pinched him from right under our very noses. (pain)

Next came the Bellamy debacle, Man City were prepared to move heaven and earth to prevent this deal coming to fruition and ended up ‘bribing ‘ the player with a once in a lifetime chance to play for his home club whilst heavily subsidising his wages. (pain)

Then there was the pursuit of Scott Parker, despite the so called promise made by the West Ham board rumours about this deal happening persisted right up until the deadline. There is no doubt he wanted to come to White Hart Lane but I cannot help feel he is a player who has had more than one opportunity to join us and for some reason chose not to, perhaps in his case it is just not meant to be. (pain)

Fabiano, is the one that hurts most, kept dangling on the hook for such a long time this is the deal that most of us believed (hoped would happen). In the end Mr Levy played hard ball and called Seville’s bluff resulting in an extension of the players contract. (pain)

Players coming in include the much heralded Sandro (gain) Gallas (gain) Pletikosa (gain) and fingers and legs crossed Van Der Vart (gain). The latest on VDV seems to suggest we missed the deadline and are asking the PL for special dispensation…..OOPS!

As is traditional we have been linked with a plethora of players such as, Pienaar (pain) Hleb (pain) Adebayor (pain) Ferdinand (pain) Huntelaar (pain) Babel (phew) and many more. How much veracity is attached to these claims will probably never be revealed and the result of player’s agents spin but one things for sure this has been the quietest transfer window for a long long time and maybe a forerunner of the shape of things to come?

  9 Responses to “Window Pain or Window Gain?”

  1. Cant believe Ive woken up and the FA STILL haven’t made their decision! :s

  2. If we get van de vaart, then we have no reason to complain. Attacking options at spurs are triffic, modric, lennon van de vaart, bale.. all will cause untold problems for anyones defence we come up against.

    Bring on the Champions League..

    Would have liked to get rid of Jenas though, hes pony

  3. How long before it is confirmed that he is a Spurs player ,the player himself seems happy to be a Spurs signing.

  4. Hope this goes through hope Arry and Dan the man are not trying to pull a fast one just because he was cheap or we will look very silly.

  5. The real significance of this window is that most clubs have woken up to the fact that they cannot/will not compete with Individual mega money men. Squads are limited to 25 ( excluding the U21) so this is the finishing line. No point in signing a player for too much money to find that he does not work and then sit him on a bench until the next transfer window (a la Bellamy) nor inflate the prices for non recoverable outlay ( a la Fabiano) or we will all do a West Ham……….

  6. arshavin was hauled up in a hotel for 2 days before the prem granted his transfer very simular circumstances to VDV , i hope it goes through cos if it does we’re in buisness

  7. VDV is a good player but one i dont think we need as Modric and Kranjcar can play in his position and where will Modric play now?. I am really disapointed we didn’t get a top forward as i think the forwards we have got will struggle in the champs league.

  8. Deal Done!!!!!!!!

    Van der Vaart is a Yid


    The Wheeler Dealer strikes again.

  9. Thank you Daniel you are the best !!!!!!!!!!

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