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Jul 092010

Uruguay world cup star reopens door back to the Premiership but could it be career over for Spurs’ England defender?

Change of heart? Forlan refuses to rule out move back to England.

Supposed Redknapp target Diego Forlan has refused to rule out a move away from Atletico Madrid this summer.

The Uruguayan striker is chasing the Golden Boot at this summer’s World Cup in South Africa having already scored four goals in his country’s route to Saturday’s third place play off against the Germans.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has been open when speaking of his admiration of Forlan, but the former Man Utd man has previously ruled out a return to the Premier League.

The striker struggled during his spellat Old Trafford, however, he has since flourished with more than 100 goals in Spain for Villareal and Atletico to draw the attention of a number of top clubs around Europe.

And Forlan admits that he would consider a summer move, telling Sky Sports News: “They have to be a good offer and we have to see.

“I am very happy in Madrid and the way the city and the team are always with me.

“(But) you never know. If it is a good offer we have to see if the team wants me to leave or not and then we have to sit and talk.”

End of the Road? Woody suffers yet more injury woe!

Meanwhile one player for whom the future does not look quite so bright is our injury jinxed England centre half Jonathon Woodgate.

Woodgate is running out of time to save his Spurs career, according to boss Harry Redknapp.

Woodgate played the disappointing total of only three games last season and failed to manage a single appearence from November onwards.

Redknapp has now warned the 30 year-old he will have ‘big problems’ if a persistent groin injury is not cured soon.

“We’ve really got to monitor him and see where he’s at because it’s been a year now for Jonathan and he’s really got to be coming back and playing now” said Redknapp.

“If he doesn’t, if he’s not going to be back pretty soon, he’s got big problems, so it is an area we’re looking at. Sebastien Bassong did well for us last year so we’ll see how we go.”

Woody will always be remembered by Spurs fans for his winner against Chelsea in the League Cup final, but sentiment can only take you so far and if he fails to recover soon we won’t be too disappointed to see him removed from the payroll. For a player once considered to be Englands’s best centre half, it could be a very sad end to what could have been such a great career!

  4 Responses to “World Class Striker In – World Class Defender Out?”

  1. It saddens me greatly when I think about King and Woody’s situation. Two great defenders who effectively have had their careers cut short. Especially Woody’s career as he’s had next to no games for Spurs so far.
    It brings a tear to the eye because even with potential new arrivals at Spurs, I fear that future defenders will not match the quality that our current, but crocked backline have. :'(

  2. very sad…woody was probably a world cup cert but for his problems.
    but we have to think of our club..and to have him and ledley injury prone would be foolish,harsh it sounds,
    but in such a big season we cant gamle on two centrehalves .

    ledley i wouldnt ever tell to go…absolute LEGEND…and proved he can still contibute.

  3. This situation regarding the CBs has always puzzled me. Its like saying. . . “hed be a great guitarest if his fingers didnt keep falling off”
    I do respect these guys, esp KING the mans a ledge. But he aint fit! Plus Bassong was lookin good last season and theres a slim possibilitie some1 like Kjaer might be comming?
    Keep king, HE IS SPURS!
    But woody? id love to be wrong but, i think he has to go now.

  4. Apparently the Spurs medical staff have been please with Wodgate since his return to training,so things could be ok.

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