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Aug 232011

The latest report from the Evening Standard is that Spurs are ready to break the bank to make Luka Modric become Spurs first £100k a week player but although I feel that the wage is a fair valuation on his football ability does he deserve it for his desire to leave?

Modric couldn’t play yesterday against United and left us with bare bones in midfield because “his head wasn’t right” well I am sure Samir Nasri had the same problems on his mind on Saturday but still gave his team 100%. Modric claims to be loyal but yet the first team to put in an offer on him and he wants to move, didn’t really look loyal yesterday when he couldn’t be bothered to play against United but I am sure his head will be in the right place to collect his wages at the end of the week.

The report also says that they will sit down to discuss a new deal basically when the transfer deadline has passed. Surely if Modric deserved a new deal and was really loyal then he would commit to staying with Spurs and they could thrash out a new deal now. Of course Luka will sign any deal to increase his wages once the deadline has gone and he has no choice other than to stay, why reward him for that?

Modric deserves a new deal only if he is happy to stay, don’t even entertain the idea of giving the bloke a new contract if he just wants a pay rise between now and the time it takes him to get his move to one of our rivals. As I said it’s not his footballing ability in question, for football alone he is worth every penny but for the other reasons…. In my eyes he has let himself down and doesn’t deserve it unless he genuinely wants to stay.

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  1. Fuck him ! ship him out and get as much as we can for the little rat faced judas cunt!

    • What the fuck you know about loyalty, moron

      • I know that loyalty is about sticking through the thick and thin of it ,having belief in the club when the club showed belief in him not just jumping ship when it suits him ! If he doesnt want to be here then why sign a five year contract !

        Go play on the M25 you fool

      • Danny boy is right when Modric came to Spurs nobody else thought he was worth a chance.Where was that Russki mafia man with his big wage contract then?.When Modric had a broken leg who paid his wages and got him back to his playing best?.So it is a fair comment to say he has been unreasonable.Anyone who thinks i am unrealistic to expect Modric to honour his long ,lucrative[how many people do you know on£ 70,000a week] freely signed contract wont like my next sentence.If Modric does,nt stop sulking like a spoilt selfish brat he wants fucking by a donkey.

    • Well said.

  2. While poxy little clubs like Man City and Chelsea have billionaire owners football is f***ed. They keep paying ridiculous wages; the rest try and keep up unitl the banks say ‘no’. Already a great club like Everton cannot buy players; Nasri is leaving Arsenal (funny but ridiculous); Tottenham are getting held to ransom. Football is rotten from top to bottom; all players cheat; agents are parasites, but the Mighty Tottenham Hotspur will always be there attempting to do things in the right way on and off the field.

  3. Look at Rooney, he held manure to randsom, and now he is brilliant.
    We sure did miss Luka yesterday, I reckon it would have been a different game if he played,
    If Kean was on 80k then Modric is worth a lot more.

    • Rooney Brilliant his air is not real and his Tempo and present form is not real i warned you all what would happen after half time . i turned the tv off because i no what goes on at some grounds when they go down the tunnel and come out in stupid idiot on talk sport Durram said we are a small club going nowhere and getting hammered by Utd kids. He supports seven goal Posh run by Ferguson lad they came from 2-0 down at half time and drew 2-2 the game before just like his dads team they play better in the second half. What amazes me is both Toure and Kenny have bean caught since i started my fucking high energized rant about top up tempo yet not one fan has agreed with me asked me how i no or what do you look for and only said give it a fuckin rest. Well i will because it spoils my viewing makes our team look shite has my fellow fans asking for more and more players to solv the problem . You have states coming out of your head yet you cant see all the extra pace and lung bursting runs from attack to defending all the aggression bad tackles Young Rooney Wallwark Cleveley all struggled against Wesst Brom yet in the second half overun Spurs with fast paced attacks and fast running back defending take a look and stop the Tv and count how many players are in the box attacking and then look at the other end and see who raced back to defend there keeper it will stagger you. The other startling facts are Jones Evans Smalling Nani Wallworks Rooneys extra pace and slimmer look are all down to the higher tempo they are playing and if you look closer you can see why Fletcher has a virus that was making him lose weight and the funny thing his noisy neighbors City had a player who had a problem with his weight he took drugs to help him why did he not train harder like the utd players and poor work Horse Fletcher. Oh two last thoughts Celtic 0 St Johnson 1 and the Arsenal Kids from a few seasons ago where going to win everything after beating Spurs. this proves if you work hard you get results Harry. 90 plus mins.

      • Blimey just seen this, Davspurs go to the Sun news paper, maybe they can help, after all they know good private detectives.

        • The Sun is a Murdoch paper and does,nt need private detectives when it has the Metropolitan police in it,s pocket ,by their own admission they have been paying the police for years.Now you know why you can never find a copper when you need one they are either working for Murdoch or in line waiting for their brown envelopes.

  4. Certainly not…we should not forefit our principle for Modric, whoes will be next to follow suit…Bale, Sandro

  5. No way do you reward treachery. As for Levy, just tell chelsea it’s £40million take it or leave it, really he should have done that at the beginning instead of pratting around again at the start of a new season like he did with Berbatov.

    • Levy is not pratting around. He has said he is not for sale. How could that be any clearer. How on earth is Levy getting any stick for this. He is the first chairman to tell a club owned by a mega rich foreigner to go f*** themselves. Modric is not for sale. Modric will not be sold. End of. What a f****** brilliant chairmen. If we sell Modric to Chelsea for £40m what does that say? To Abromovich it is the equivalent of 1p and our biggest rivals get our best player. Great idea. What would we do with the £40m? Good old Harry thinks you can buy 3 or 4 top players. What century is he living in? Torres £50m; Carroll £35m; Henderson £20m. Selling Modric to Chelsea for any price would be the biggest mistake we could ever make. It would simply say – we cannot compete and whenever you want our best player – feel free. Really don’t get some of the comments on here.

      • Then fucking PAY THE MAN if he’s so good.

        • 2 reasons – we can’t afford it and he’s signed a contract. Where do you think this extra money suddenly comes from? How will we be able to pay EVERY pleyer in the squad who will immediately demand more money if Modric gets more. Everyone seems to think paying Modric more is the answer. It isn’t and it can’t happen anyway. Or we could do a Leeds, West Ham, Newcastle, Everton, Southampton and just pay everyone loads of money, go bust and get relegated.

          • Spurs’ owber is richer than KGB, but with tighter pucker, unfortunately

            • Tottenham are owned by shareholders of which ENIC have a controlling share. Joe Lewis owns ENIC and is worth about £2 billion. Tottenham is part of his business via ENIC and is run like any other business. Abramovich is worth around £15 billion and pumps his own money in. The owner of Man City makes Abramovich look poor. I guess you just want Lewis to give us loads of money.

              • That’s right, I expect Lewis to fork the money. Whoever run the club solely as a business without passion may expect to be in renks with Stokes, if that. Competing in the EPL today is no longer a business because non of the clubs make money. The ones that are fighting to stay afloat are the ones that just make a number in this league.

        • Mother Fucker,grow some fucking brain cells

  6. We should have already given him the payrise and ended this weeks ago. World class players get world class wages. Pay him and end this

      • AMEN +1
        Pay Modric the going rate which probably means a good pay rise.

        IF some want to get upset over wages
        GET UPSET with the players on our books who party rather than train, who never give 100%, who we cannot shift on because their reputation preceedes them, we pay wages to them every week. Modric is top drawer and gives 100% all game every game and if you want to get whiney pick the playboys not the stars.

    • Sadly we can’t afford it. If we pay Modric another £40,000 a week every player in the squad would get more because that’s the way these tossers called agents work. Increasing Modric’s wages by £2,000,000 a year would probably mean increasing the entire wage bill by £15,000,000 to £20,000,000. This is why Chelsea and Man City are destroying football. They know no one can get close to competing. Chelsea’s wage bill is 3 times Tottenhams and they lose £100,000,000 a year. City will be double that. Football is completely f***** while these 2 clubs continue doing what they are doing. Thank God we have Levy taking a stand.

      • What else he could do than “taking a stand”? The club is fucking pennyless and wants to compete with big boys by tricking players with promises they don’t intent to keep.

        • The club is a profitable business unlike every other club. We are the big boys you absolute muppet, Chelsea and Man City are 2 poxy clubs with rich owners. Man U for what they have become since Munich and Chelsea and Man City are untouchable. Next are Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal. I assume you are not a Tottenham fan when you have the audacity to say compete with the ‘big boys’. What was the promise Levy made? I hadn’t realised you were at the meeting. You are taking the word of an agent are you. Boy there is one born every minute.

          • I believe Luke more than a conartist

            • So you would believe a man who would,nt honour his contract,and said he can achieve things with Tottenham as he signed a contract for 6 years,instead of a chairman who like him or not has done a good job for tottenham without a 60,000 seater stadium and without sleazy mafia money. That tells us all a lot about you.

  7. unfortunately football is not immune from the rest of society and if an individual was at a firm where they paid a third of what he could earn elsewhere it would not be unrealistic to expect the current firm to increase his wages. no one would say it had anything to do with loyalty, as it is all about getting the best deal for the individual. modric could earn 150k at chelsea, but we pay him 50k, which in any other field would mean we were paying him below the going rate for his skills. whether this is a false economy or not is neither here nor there. it is unfortunate and i wish it was different but this is the state of football today. we use it to our advantage when it suits us, and the bigger clubs also use it to their advantage. i hope modric stays and if he does i fully expect him to get a pay rise.

    • That’s right

    • I get your point, but it is not relevent to the situation footballers are in. For most people, they are in employment and can leave at anytime (after notice period) for better wages if they wish. Footballers are given a contract for a set period of time and it is not unreasonable the a club expects them to honour that contract, because the club will have planned their tactics, wages structure and signings around the fact that that players is at the club. If Modric wants to leave for bigger wages and not on the terms that Levy would want to sell, that is fine…… in 5 years time when the contract expires.. That is why the contract is signed, otherwise why bother in the first place. Actually, let’s just pay him £10 per week, with a £1 bonus for every goal he scores, it’s not what was agreed in his contract, but why should what was written on the contract matter?

      • If it will shut him up and keep him happy, I suppose a small raise may not be out of the question after such a good season last year, but not too far removed from our set structure.

      • Great response mate

  8. Offer him a new deal how mad if i called my boss and said cannot come in today as my head is not right im not to sure his first words would be here you go son have a pay rise what a fucking joke. Let him fuck off and fail like so many who have jumped ship, unless he turns round BEFORE the window shuts and says ” sorry all i love spurs love the fans and want to stay here after all” The bloke needs to go home and look up the word RESPECT, rant over.

    • the point is as much as us football fans would love the corporate money-making machine that is the EPL to be about loyalty and respect, it is not and never will be again. It is about money and being the best brand in the business to accrue profts to pay the top wages to the best players. I don’t agree with what Modric has done in the slightest, but it is small-minded to say ‘f@ck him the selfish sod’. We need to prove that we are in the same league as Cheatski and to do that we must pay top dollar and if we can’t afford to then we cannot moan.

      • Levy is the rotten piece in this picture. He showed to the world that his word means shit. If he didn’t make promise to Luka what would be the fucking insentive for Luka to sigh new 6-year BS with no increase in pay? Is it because Luke is a moron or Levy DID made the controversial promise? Could it be the case that Modders intentially didn’t request payrise at this signing because he got the promise and therefore didn’t want to further extort Spurs? I believe this is how the deal came down. And if true, it shows that Modders is an honest man that came across the conartist.

        • IIf you think Levy and Modric had a gentleman’s agreement, you are crazy. Football is the dodgiest business in the world and you believe Levy said to Modric ‘if a Champions League club comes in for you I will let you go’ and Modric and his agent said ‘thats fantastic, thanks Mr Levy, let’s all shake hands’. Levy sanctioned the signing for £15,000,000 when he was just about to join Newcastle. He got him to sign a 6 year contract and now he is refusing to let him leave and you think Levy is rotten. There are some idiots in this world.

          • Are you saying that Luka is such moron to sign new 6-years with NO PAY RAISE even though he’s, hands down, the best Spurs midfielder and arguably the best Spurs player?

            • He was given a massive pay rise and 6 years security plus a fantastic bonus scheme. Why have you put NO PAY RISE in capital letters. I am now seriously worried about you. You are saying that Modric signed a 6 year contract for no extra money on the back of a gentlemans agreement. What actually happened was he signed a contract that made him Tottenham’s highest paid player.

              • It’s just a paper talk. I didn’t see this info published on the official Spurs site. Where did you get this info?

                • FFS, do you think his agent or advisers would let him sign a 6 year contract with no upside on the basis of a verbal agreement?
                  You’re too stupid to even be a Gooner. Illiterate troll!

                  • I’m no Einstein like you nor a gooner. Also, I might be illiterate but I have to give it to you; you got my message quite well even though I used sign language to get it across. 🙂

                    Do you have a boyfriend? No? You should get one to help you get rid of kneejerk reactions.

  9. The match pointed out that we need strong middies in front of Kaboul and someone other than Dawson, who looked SLOW. Without Modric…

    Bale Krancjar Sandro Diarra or some version therein

    Someone has got to track back. Spurs were torn up through the middle. Need two real middies, not wingers posing as middies. Bale and Lennon are wingers.

    • I think Dawson was ill yesterday, you could see the way he reacted after the goals he just looked proper pale.

    • Traking back would not prevent MU goals. This is just an excuse. Daws’ and Kaboul’s brainfart positioning and marking players is the only reason we lost.

      • Dawson may have been ill, but he seems to a) be beaten by anyone with pace and b) cannot bring the ball out through the middle in the way that other defenders can on strongr teams. Panics a little, then distributes long…

        As much as I believe Daw was central to all three goals, still not his fault that no one tracking back, so Daws and Kaboul see the cavalry charging at them.

        Again, someone educate me. Who, exactly, do we have to play actual starting midfield roles besides Sandro and Hudd. The others are offensive threats…

  10. By the way, the saga could have been avoided if Levy reiterated sometime this week or last that Modric was – again – not for sale. A single announcement would have sufficed and all this speculation would have gone away. Modric couldn’t have forced anything at that point.

    • Levy said the matter was closed and has kept his mouth shut since. He’s not the problem. We all know who can’t shut up and has been keeping the story going.

      • Good old Arry, loves to talk

      • Spot on. Levy has said ‘our best player is not for sale’. End of. Then every 5 minutes Harry rings up Talk Shite and contradicts himself. He’s not for sale; everyone has a price; I could buy 3 or 4 players; he’s our best player and he’s not for sale; Chelsea are a great side and we can’t compete; we could end in the top 3 if we keep our players. Harry shut you staggeringly stupid mouth and try and show us you can manage a football team.

  11. Hes a rat but i think we have to.
    Against utd we looked to weak in the middle, but i’ll save my judgement until we get super sandy back in the center of the midfield.

  12. This is football. It has no relation to the real world we live in. Who can imagine a world in which a player earns in a week what ‘normal’ people take 2, 3, 4 yrs to earn. Loyalty ? Don’t make me laugh. So don’t apply ‘normal’ standards to Modric. Is he vital to the team ? Yes. Pay him. Move on.

  13. the simple truth is that chelsea want him but we need him
    pay him what he wants then sell him when we dont need him anymore

  14. He is not a world class player. Gareth Bale is. Sell him for 40M or more. Sandro will be a world class DM. You can develop Bostock or Parrett in that position. Both are way more talented players than Livermore. Don´t buy an striker, use Pavly and develop the duo of the future H.Kane – Coulibaly.

    Button/Ranieri…K.Walker/Naughton-S.Caulker/A.Smith-G.Bale/Mbola (Buy him)…Sandro/Hudd…Parrett/Livermore-Bostock/Ceballos…A.Townsend/Lennon (RM)-D.Rose/Gio Dos Santos(LM)…H.Kane/R.Mason-Coulibaly/Obika.

    Let the kids ran the future of this club. All the other players are not worthy of the wages given to them.

  15. Why hasn’t the club fined him for not travelling to O.T?
    And to think that the Spurs fans gave him a great ovation when he played the friendly at the Lane!
    I think the little bastard has to go, but, to save face, sell him abroad.

  16. Harry is the ambassador of ‘ fantasy football ‘ you idiot! how much more time does he need to spend diligently tending to our ‘ school boy ‘ tactics.. other than : have a go mode, HR deploys the – roll over and play dead tactic ( which Mancs and other proper football teams tend generally to ignore) He is busy on sky and bbc sharing his ‘ worldly knowledge ‘ with the footy new comer and sipping cognac with the ‘ twat elite’ ala Hanson (all bbc football pundits). Football is gone… what we have now is reality fc tv, I have lost faith and just detach myself where possible from the celebrity generation. Ferguson and his tactics – mentality – team spirit left me right out in the open about what we actually are at the moment with a ‘ leader ‘ like rednapp… i cried deep inside like a b*****, we are so close, yet with his outlook. oh so far!!!


  17. I dont blame Levy one bit in this saga at all and who does is a fucking idiot of the highest calibre. To assume that he made a gentlemans promise to Modric when he signed up to a six year contract extension in May 2010 is bollocks. Why did Modric not insist on having a buy out clause inserted in his contracte is beyond me. Was he so happy at Spurs and felt he didnt need one or just plain naive? The greasy little Russian prick running the show at Cheatski has turned Modric’s head and Levy has every fucking right to make the little tosser honour his contract which may I remind you still has five years remaining. Now if Levy partially compromise by making him the highest paid player in the club so be it. He sees Modric as an integral part of Spurs progression. What he must not do under any circumstances is capitulate and sell him to Cheatski therefore making them stronger and in the process making us weaker. The person within the club that is crusifying us is Redknapp. By continually opening his big fucking trap without engaging his brain first, he is giving the press more and more amunition to speculate and exacerbate the situation further.

  18. Definitely not. As far as I am concerned he has burnt his bridges… I just wish we had approached this sensibly when he made the statement that he wanted to leave. Make a contingency plan and prepare for him to leave… highlight new signings, not replacements because I don’t think we can attract players of Modric’s quality presently. But our scattergun policy regarding potential signings over the past few windows is working against us… we look like a club in disaray, one that doesn’t know where it’s going or what it needs and that cannot look attractive to potential targets.

    But the Modric situation, this has simply been hanging over us now for too long, overshadowing our preparation for the new season and turning our club in to a circus… again. This shows we learnt nothing from the Berbatov saga of a few years back and the impact and and negative effect this had (and currently has) on the team. THE BLOODY TEAM! THE BE ALL AND END ALL.

    I’m angry at Modric, he signed a very long deal last year but this isn’t the first time it’s happened, a player professing his love for a club then doing a u-turn and and demanding out… it’s not even the first time it has happened to us.

    But we are where we are… and no one player is more important than the team, the collective. We need to remember there are more clubs in our shoes than in those 18kt gold loafers of Man City and Chelsea. All the clubs outside the ‘top four’ will lose their better players… It’s happened to Villa, it’s happening to us, it’ll happen to others. Bloody hell, it even happened to Man United! It’s shit but this is top flight football in 2011 and it wil be next year an the year after, regardless of how many silly, ineffectual financial fair play rules UEFA introduce.

    No point crying over spilt milk though… get the cash, get rid and concentrate on geting a couple of signings in before the window shuts. I just wish we’d done it weeks ago and gave ourselves more time to set up deals with realistic targets… players that the likes of Berbatov & Modric were when they came to the club… players with quality & a hunger to succeed with a magnificent club, with a great tradition and in a top league.

    And just hope that, when they come good, we handle their inevitable departure a bit better than we have this one.

  19. This is a no brainer. To keep our best players we need to meet market prices. It is plain that Luka is worth more than his current 45k a week (or even 67k which would be the current highest salary at WHL, or so I believe).
    Those who are into calling Modric disloyal and are ready to see him go elsewhere need to consider how they would react if another employer offered to triple their wages. And do they categorize all the players we have bought as disloyal to their former clubs?
    For weeks I have posted my views in various locales, and my view remains the same, that Levy should offer Modric an improved contract. I would offer 100K a week, which apparently is less that the 132 K rumored to be offered by Chelsea but I think it would mollify Modric (not to mention his family and agent who no doubt have urged him to move to Chelsea for a higher salary – besides silverware which I would think is secondary to them).
    You get what you pay for, and we need to pay for the supreme talent Modric brings to the club. He should be our highest paid player – tho’ some would legitimately argue Bale’s contract should be similarly revised if we wish to keep him).
    I don’t like the seemingly stratospheric wages being offered by clubs like Chelsea, City and ManU who are owned by billionaires. But they have created the market as it is today and we either work with it or drop out of competition.

  20. Reward him? Cunt should be fined, no club loyalty.

  21. Gotta say i think the whole situation stinks, i don’t know who’s to blame probably all the parties involved in this sorry mess. I’m sure Modric believes that promises may have been made but come on sign a new contract and a few months later when the first offer from a different club (no way am i using the term bigger for chelsea) comes in he wants to pack up and bugger off, he could have maybe privately let his feelings be known to Levy and given us another year if he still wanted to leave then let him go, personally i think he could do a hell of alot better than chelsea barcalona or real madrid. As for Levy he’s a business man if Luca did’nt get this agreement written in to his contract all i’ve got to say is you silly boy Mr. Modric. The main thing that’s pissed me off is i did’nt think Modric had this in his character now if he stays if a ball goes astray or he puts a sitter over the bar i’m going to be questioning his comitment, giving him extra money wont solve the problem only create new ones with Bale, Van der vaart, Dawson and others who are just as deserving of a higher wage. The new ground should be the main focus so we can compete.

    • He could play for real or barca rather than chelsea is what i meant. I’m confusing myself now!



  23. Modric is starting to behave,just like berba.As good as player as he is.The greedy little shitte,needs to be moved on.Sometimes one has to put up with some short turn pain,for the long turn gain.Once the offer to triple his wagesn was dagled in his face from the Russian run club in west London his mind has been on his bank account.As tottenham and in fairness even the gooners do not want to be paying extravagent wages to these players with an over inflated ego of them selves.Then unfortunately we would appear to be fighting an uphill battle to keep him..Anyhow who’s to say,he will expirenceany more success over at Chelski.Nothing is a certainty in to days World.Unless of course,you are in the present Barcelona squad.

  24. What do we do with Modric let him go because if you think Modric would have stopped Jones extra pace Smalling faster since he went to Utd Cleverly Rooney slim rug head the new Young Your deluded. We need to learn a hard lesson with all the deaths Football has become a 45 min game of second half 6th gear against Hearts we had more time to give and go against utd the man on the ball was closed down right away thus would tire teams in the end and we would have won Harry keeps saying i thought we had them the goal changed the game and we opened up rubbish we had no time to move and we got overun by hyped up Kids we should have played Townsend in Walkers place Charlie was never going to cope with there extra induced pace and so was Van he could not escape the faster Evans Smalling Jones where faster than Defoe Bale Lennon Why when every fan on here noes they are not and there goalkeeper was vulnerable with crosses the problem Crouch was at home and Aby will come when City allow he needs to be left on there high payroll and hope Plattini does what he promised throw Chelsea Utd Liverpool and City out of his cup for the wembley final. We should Sell Modric and ask for Sturridge if they don’t allow this then loan Modric to Madrid get Ozil on loan or Benzimar and hope we learn the tunnel secret to faster Tempo i no its got something to do with sudden deaths with playing high octane for 90 mins killing players allover the world Japan the lates t45 is less demanding and ea

  25. So BAE giving the ball away directly to a Utd player, wasn’t the reason, nor was the careless ball lost in midfield for their second a reason either? We ran out of steam after an hour, got overpowered in midfield and couldn’t stem the flow with a makeshift, unfit centre. Bale and Lennon were next to useless, giving no outlet whatsoever and therefore forcing the defence on the backfoot…jeeze As for taking pot-shots from stupid angles and positions, WTF was all that about? Tactic’s, coaching, tactic’s coaching!

  26. LEVY is the best thing to happen to our beloved club since Bill Nick.!!!!!!
    If he has the balls to stand fast against the pressure then he has my 100% support.!!!
    He is the ONLY one who seems prepared to stand his ground (and he talks a lot of sense)He is the one who stood up and said “We either expand or move or stagnate”
    He knows we cannot compete with these billionare SCUMBAGS who are fucking up our football
    So untill the powers that be grow some balls and stop this lunacy we better hope he stands strong or else we could end up like Leeds etc etc……..

    Harry Redknapp is the FUC#wit in our midst… He couldnt manage a fuck in a whorehouse…….
    And before anyone says he was our saviour in our darkest hour BOLLOCKS… he didnt recruit players or change formations to make a winning team…he did what any average English speaking manager could do ..went into the dressing room and kicked some arse then told them to get out and play !!!!
    If he could keep his mouth shut and concentrate on managing the team structure he might just earn his wages !!!

    Modric …Leave him alone,, Anyone who says they wouldnt do the same thing is either very naive or just plain stupid!!!
    And anyone who believes all the shite statements that have been posted in the media is a fool
    Look at BAE he has publicly stated that he plays in the EPL for money ..have we slaughtered him for telling the truth????

    Love Spurs as they are (a real club) while you can…Cos it might not last much longer

    • Why are we nervy about Modric?
      Because we sole Carrick, Keane, and Berbatov when big money was offered.
      So most Spurs fans will not settle until the window is closed.

  27. I agree Luka deserves a rise, but he deserved that before all this nonsence. As ‘our best player’ his wages should be (along with Bale) the highest at the club. If we pay Crouchie £60k, keane £60k, then Luka should have been on £65k.

    I think Levy could have handled it more realistically, and simply said to Chelsea and Luka’s agent this is the price, whatever he chose (I’d say £37M up to Levy if he says £60/80.100M, set out the payment terms and then left it in their hands, but also set in place a firm deadline for the deal, say no later than 1st August. If Chelsea then didn;t meet our requirements, then you could sit down then with Luka and explain to him that Chelsea just don;t want him enough.

    • And of course, explained to Luka that if Chelsea didn;t meet our requirements in terms of the fee, we would be willing to accept a personal cheque from Luka for the balance – Say £30M from Chelsea and £7M or whatever was necessary from Luka himself. Then we would have seen how much he himself really wanted the move.

  28. I say pay him whatever he wants but in Ugandan Dollars; he’ll never know the difference.

  29. easy to say from the safety of your home on the internet you mug, if i stood infront of you, your arsehole would go and you would say nothing i promise you! you never know who you are talking to, so choose your moves and words carefully in future!

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